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2. BAFLOT by Elite 

Did you know that Bamba is purchased by 90 percent of Israeli families on a regular basis? It's Israel’s top-selling snack (there’s even a visitors’ center dedicated to Bamba in Israel).

Bamba is gluten-free, fortified with vitamins and minerals, with an irresistible taste, making it a favorite for toddlers and adults alike. 

While there are several other imitation brands (Shush and Parpar are two popular choices), and several different flavors of Bamba, there is nothing quite like the original trailblazing Bamba. In fact, it has been reported by Osem that the company produces one million bags of Bamba a day! 

Kariot is an Israeli kosher cereal that you will not find in every kosher market. But Super Sal Market makes sure to have it in stock! There is nothing quite like the chocolate-filled kosher Israeli cereal to put a smile on kids’ faces each morning. Kariot is a favorite in Israel and now that it's available at Super Sal, you'll have to hurry before it flies off the shelf.

5. KREMBO by Strauss/ Unilever

Elite Baflot, formerly wafers, are a beloved treat in Israel found in almost every supermarket and convenience store. Like Bamba snacks, Elite wafers are consumed by the masses – approximately 92% of Israeli households to be exact. Pick your favorite! Elite Baflot come in 15 different flavors, although the most popular flavors are chocolate, lemon, vanilla, coffee, and hazelnut. Super Sal carries a huge variety of Israeli snacks, and Baflot is always a staple! 

Super Sal Market in Encino has been a community icon for 15 years. The Israeli kosher market gives customers a taste of home – from its kosher shawarma and falafel, to its top quality kosher meat and deli, to its range of Israeli snack brands. Community members love the Israeli kosher market because it brings a little bit of Israel to the San Fernando Valley.

Authentic Israeli snack brands like Bamba are some of our more popular items at Super Sal Market, and we’ve compiled a short list of our all-time favorite snack brands for your next shopping trip. The next time you're at Super Sal, make sure to add these classic Israeli snacks to your cart, and see the smile you get when you return home:

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Posted 8:00am, December 2, 2016

3. PRETZEL CHALLAH by Got Kosher?

5 Israeli Kosher Market Snacks to Add to Your Shopping Cart

Rounding out our list, and just in time for the holidays, is Krembo, Israel’s national winter snack. A chocolate-covered marshmallow cream-topped cookie treat wrapped in crinkly foil, Krembo comes in vanilla and mocha flavors. Deliciously decadent, the sweet was featured as Dumbledore’s favorite treat in the Hebrew version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (rather than a sherbet lemon). 

Got Kosher's Preztel Challah has become a staple for many shabbat tables. This challah, with its pretzel flavor comes in several flavors and adds a fun, delicious kick to every shabbat meal. 

Super Sal carries many different brands of challah -- so customers always know we have their favorite type in store 

1. BAMBA Snacks by Osem 

Israelis know not to skip this staple Israeli snack, so if it is not on your list, make sure you don't forget your bag of Bamba!Type your paragraph here.

and freshly baked. Craving something sweeter? Try Got Kosher’s Belgian chocolate chunk variety filled with dairy-free chocolate. In the mood for something more savory? Pick up a loaf of Kalamata rosemary and olive challah bursting with plump, juicy olives and fresh rosemary. Looking for something in between? Got Kosher's traditional pretzel challah is always a favorite, especially with a bit of hummus if left over the next day.

4.    KARIOT by Telma

No Israeli child will leave Super Sal without sneaking a Krembo into their parents' shopping cart. Stock up for the holidays, or for the year. We may or may not be doing the same.

Super Sal Market is the premier Israeli kosher market. Based in Encino, Super Sal's 15- year history makes it a landmark for the local community, even among visitors from around the state and country. Super Sal Market offers kosher meat, fish and deli along with Israeli snacks, dairy and the freshest produce. Super Sal also carries kosher sushi and features an authentic and kosher Israeli restaurant well-known for its shawarma and falafel.

Stop by and enjoy the experience and our products for yourself!