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Kosher meat store

Bringing Israel to Los Angeles

In 2001, the vision of bringing a piece of "home" (Israel) to the place where many now call home (LA) came about with Super Sal Market.

A kosher grocery store offering 100% kosher food items and Israeli food, Super Sal Market became the hub for Israelis, kosher keepers, and the local community quite literally overnight.


In addition to offering the largest and most unique variety of Israeli food in Encino, Super Sal Market is committed to selling the freshest kosher meat in all of the surrounding LA area. Don't have time to brave the lines? Save time and pre-order your kosher meat online today using the webform or call us at (818) 906-2815. 

With RCC Glatt kosher meat and fish, hot food, and authentic Israeli grocery items, you know you are in good hands.

Super Sal

Super Sal Market, LA's Kosher Grocery Store